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do you ever realize that fictional characters are just successful people’s ocs….

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So yeah this is ANOTHER follower giveaway this time for:

What you can win:

  • A pair of horns! Yeah! any horns except Summoner and Handmaid. (i can do fantrolls too!)
  • Shirts! woo! any shirts any! Alpha Beta Trolls god tier whatever man also i can put symbols on other not tshirts (e.g latulas turtle neck thingy i can do that)
  • Cosplay glasses! (e.g sollux, terezi, latula, dirk, trickster dave??)
  • Godtier hoods fun stuff i guess i suck at sewing
  • Hoodies i can do simple designs on hoodies

Winning Tiers:

  1. A choice of a pair of horns, a god tier hood+cape and a shirt, a pair of glasses and a shirt, or a hoodie.
  2. A choice of a pair of SMALL horns or a shirt of any kind
  3. 1TrollZodiac Shirt
  4. A thumbs up from my mom.
  5. An mspaint drawing of my mom giving a thumbs up.


  • As many entries as you want but please don’t sit at your computer for a whole day filling the form out.
  • YOU MAY ONLY ENTER 5 TIMES or all of your entries will be void and you will be disqualified
  • This giveaway is a bit different where you must go offsite for the best chances of winning BUT! Reblogs and likes still count but chances are that they will be lost in tumblr’s shitty site restrictions.
  • Following is not required but followers get something special if they win.
  • International winners must be able to pay for S&H

END DATE: NOVEMBER 11th*date subject to change


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Dave’s “I promised I’d do a give-away when I hit 200 followers so here it is” Giveaway

Apparently there are 200-ish of you hanging around here so have some free stuff.


First place gets their choice of one customized Character Scalemate (meaning a scalemate based off of a character of your choice), and two smuppets of any color.

Second place gets a customized Character Scalemate and a smuppet of any color.

And Third place gets a scalemate or smuppet of any color.

How to enter:

You can get a total of 3 entries altogether. One for liking this post, and one for reblogging it one (1) time. However, because this is a giveaway for my followers, if you are my follower you get a second entry. (making it 3 entries possible, but you do not have to be following me to enter)

The giveaway ends October 31st at 11:59pm EST and youll have to have your askbox open or something so i can contact you about what prize you want and let me know your shipping address. 

So have fun and get reblogging!

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Whoa guys ! I just got 300 followers ! (wow thats a lot ! )

So I was like why not do a giveaway :D. 

So, in this giveaway the winner will receive:

  •  Troll horns of their choice ( MINUS TAVROS AND ARADIA
  •  Kandi ! It can be Homestuck related or not ! You can pick your colors and what design you want, etc, etc. ( I will ONLY do phatties, singles, and small cuffs, if you have something else in mind please message me )
  •   A lovely letter from my self ! Signed in my ( fake ) blood !
  • And a little secret something ! (wow mystery )

Okay so now down to the rules : 

  1. U.S only ! Sorry :c
  2. Like I said earlier, I will not do Tavros horns or Aradia horns for obvious reasons.
  3. You can like and reblog as much as you want, but REMEMBER, think of your followers, don’t spam them with the same rebloged picture. 
  4. You DO NOT have to be following me but it would be really rad if you did c:.
  5. Like I said earlier, I’ll only do singles, phatties, and small cuffs and you can pick five ! If you have something else in mind please ask me !
  6. This give away ends Nov. 6th ! The winner will be chosen sometime around that !
  7. Please have your ask box open, I will send the winner something in their ask box and I will post the winner on my blog !
  8. The winner will be chosen RANDOMLY.

Well thank you, you guys ! I really appreciate you guys following me. <3

If you have any questions please feel free to ask me !

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